OSHA Fines for Small Business


Written Article

Can OSHA fine you for not protecting your works if your business is open to the public? There is only so much control that you have over who enters your business and how. It was reported (WAFB in Baton Rouge) that the U.S Department of Labor's OSHA Administration cited the store B-Quick, which is a car wash and oil change establishment, for failing to protect workers from violence when once of the worker's was stabbed. While negligence also plays into this fine as the company waited 15 days from when the employee was hospitalized before reporting the incident. The fine is reportedly $17, 403. (Full article here)

The questions to ask yourself, is my business safe for employees?  Are there things that could be deemed unsafe at my current workplace? The last thing you would want is for something to happen to one of your employees (and OSHA is concerned as well).

Let us know if you would like a general safety or facilities audit of your building, company or department. We can help you find opportunities that may exist that you may not be aware of and that could pose concern.

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