Working From Home- New Office Norms


Written Article

I just arrived at my new office- this office looks a lit bit different. I am in my car utilizing my hot spot/computer and have a small office set up. I will be working at this location today for the next two hours while my daughter is at gymnastic practice. All this to say, this is our new office norm. The ability for our employees to work anywhere and everywhere has become our new norm.

With this new norm and flexibility of schedule comes a new set of challenges for employers and businesses. A couple of questions to ask yourself-

Where are my employees?

Is it a necessity of my business to know their location while working?

As an employer am I ok with our company equipment being brought to different locations?

With all of this remote work is our network secure?

Is a detailed work from home policy the right next step for my organization?

All of the are questions that we are asking ourselves with our new normal. As an owner, we can help draft communication to employees or create a "how to" guide customized to your businesses work from home needs.

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