Biden's American Rescue Plan



Here we are two months into 2021 and from the Human Resources and Safety side of our business- many are glad (myself included) to say good bye to the constant changes and challenges of 2020.

But don't celebrate to quickly- We are keeping an eye for what is to come. If some of the key points of Biden's American Rescue Plan is approved. Here is what we are keeping our eyes on:

  • Extension to the paid sick and family benefits to FFCRA to September 31, 2021.
  • All employees would be required to offer FFCRA leave (including health providers) and those with fewer than 50 employees and those with no more than 500.
  • Require up to 14 weeks of paid sick and family- expand care giving options.
  • The plan also proposed full reimbursement to the the FFCRA costs.
  • Minimum Wag increase to $15.00/hour.
  • The Plan also includes significant provisions to improve worker safety, including a COVID-19 Standard to be created by OSHA as well as additional funding for enforcement.
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