April Book Notes


Written Article

This month we read Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker. While this books was short and quick it prompted good conversation and thought provoking journaling. The questions brought up for reflection throughout the book give guidance to the reader for journaling. Questions give further insight into how to better Manage Oneself (or also relatable to one's business).

  • What are my strengths?
  • Given my strengths, my way of performing, and my values, how can I make the greatest contribution?
  • What results have to be achieved to make a difference?


  1. Put yourself where your strengths can produce results.
  2. Continuously work on improving your strengths.
  3. Discover where your intellectual ignorance and overcome it.

Send us any additional thoughts you have on this book at businessboutiquela@gmail.com. Stay tuned and for what we are reading in May.

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